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4 Signs Your Automobile Need A Tire Alignment

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Many automobile owners make it a point to have their car's oil changed regularly and get the transmission flushed, but it is not uncommon for people to forget about their car's tires. Just because tires have low mileage and plenty of tread left doesn't mean that they are in optimal condition. If a vehicle's tires are not properly aligned, it can cause a number of issues. Some of the common signs that your automobile is in need of a tire alignment include the following.

1. Pulling to One Side

When the tires on an automobile are not properly aligned, the vehicle is not able to drive straight without the driver changing the direction of the steering wheel. One of the most common signs that a vehicle needs a tire alignment is pulling to one side while the vehicle is in motion. If you find yourself needing to over-correct your steering wheel to keep your car driving in a straight line, it typically means that your tires are not properly aligned.

2. Steering Wheel is Not Straight

Driving down a straight stretch of road does not require a lot of steering. However, driving down a straight stretch of road can tell you a lot about the alignment of your vehicle's tires. When you're driving down a straight stretch of road, your automobile's steering wheel should also be straight. If you notice that you need to turn the steering wheel several degrees in either direction, it usually means that it is time to have your tires aligned.

3. Abnormal Tire Wear

When your vehicle's tires are not properly aligned, you will most likely notice abnormal wear on the tires that are located on one side of the vehicle. As a car owner, it is important to inspect the tires on your car on a regular basis; if you notice that the tires on one side on the vehicle are very worn out despite being the same age as the other tires on your vehicle, it is most likely due to a tire alignment problem.

4. Poor Handling

After owning a vehicle for a while, you get to know how it handles while you're driving it. If you suddenly feel like the steering is loose or not as responsive as it used to be, it may be due to tires that are not aligned. Any time you notice handling issues with your vehicle, especially if it is only a few years old, it is a good idea to have the tires checked and aligned. 

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