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3 Auto Body Improvements That Help Improve Performance And Handling

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When you need to have auto body repairs done, there are many choices of improvements that can be done. Many of the repairs that you have done to the body of your car can help improve performance and handling, such as using lightweight panels to reduce weight or adding a spoiler to improve handling. Here are some of the auto body repairs and improvements that will improve the performance of your car:

1. Lighter Panels That Improve Performance and Fuel Economy

Steel body work and heavy repairs hamper the performance of your car because they add extra weight. Today, you have a choice of many different composites and lightweight materials that can be used to replace heavy car parts, which will help improve performance. Some of the parts that you will want to consider replacing include parts that are bolted on, such as the hood, trunk lid and fender panels on some cars. If any parts need to be cut off to be replaced, contact an auto body repair shop for help with these types of improvements.

2. Body Parts That Have Built in Ventilation for Better Performance

There are several areas of your car that can benefit from better ventilation. The engine compartment will benefit from better ventilation because it helps keep the engine cooler, improves air flow and gives your engine better performance. Another area where you may want to consider improvements for better ventilation is the fender wells, which can have operational vent ports installed to help keep the brakes cool for better handling and braking performance.

3. Front and Rear Spoiler Kits to Help Improve Handling of Your Car

Front and rear spoilers are also good body improvements to consider for your car when having repairs done. The rear spoilers on cars are something that you have probably noticed because they stick out from the rear of the car. Front spoilers are less noticeable because they are below the front grill and usually blend in with factory bodywork. Both rear and front spoilers serve the same purpose, which is to help increase downward force to improve handling. Talk with an auto body shop about installing spoiler kits that work well with your car model.

These are some of the auto body improvements that will help improve the performance of your car. If you want to do some of these improvements to your car, contact an auto repair service for help improving your car with changes to the bodywork.