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4 Tips For Effective Fleet Truck Maintenance

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Companies invest a lot of money into fleet trucks, so it is essential to properly maintain them so they can be driven regularly and perform without any issues up until the point that they are scheduled to be replaced. Making fleet maintenance a priority will help ensure that each truck in your company's fleet is available when it is needed. Use the following tips for more effective fleet truck maintenance.

Designate a Fleet Truck Maintenance Manager

While the drivers of the fleet trucks should care for and drive each vehicle responsibly, it is very beneficial to have one person in charge of monitoring and implementing a maintenance strategy. When all of the responsibility for maintenance is placed on individual drivers, there is no easy way to track or ensure that each fleet truck receives the maintenance it needs. A fleet truck maintenance manager will be able to oversee the maintenance of the entire fleet.

Make a Maintenance Check List

In order for fleet trucks to be properly maintained, there needs to be a comprehensive maintenance checklist. Having a checklist will ensure that each thing will be done and checked off when the truck is serviced. In addition, a checklist that is printed out or available online can easily be filed so the fleet truck maintenance manager can look through the maintenance history of each one of the fleet trucks. Some basic maintenance that needs to be done routinely includes checking tires/rims, looking at fluid levels, and inspecting belts and hoses, the drive shaft, CV joints, and mounts.

Stay on Top of Preventative Maintenance

The last thing you want to do is wait until there is a problem with a fleet truck before having it serviced by a fleet truck mechanic like those at Folsom  Diesel Works. One thing to seriously consider is hiring a mobile fleet truck mechanic to perform preventative maintenance for your company's fleet trucks onsite. Hiring a mobile fleet truck mechanic service ensures that every truck is inspected and serviced at the same time, according to the service schedule.

Invest in Fleet Management Software

When you company has a large fleet of trucks, it can be difficult to organize all the information regarding maintenance and repairs. A simple way to streamline things is by investing in fleet management software. This type of software scans all maintenance check lists, receipts, and repair bills and makes it easy for them to be located in the company's computer system or through an online portal.