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Should Your Transmission Be Replaced Or Repaired?

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Is your car having a problem related to the transmission? If so, one question you'll certainly have is if it is time to replace or repair this important part of your car. While your initial thought may lean toward repairing the transmission to save money, that may not always be the most logical option. Here are some thing to keep in mind when weight your options between repair or replacement.

The Amount of Issues

Take your car into an auto shop to have the transmission diagnosed, which will give you an idea of what kind of problems you have with it. One thing to consider is the quantity of problems that are discovered. If the transmission has already been repaired in the past and now has several things wrong with it, replacement may be in its future. However, if this is the first problem and it seems like a sure fix to the issue at hand, stick with repair.

The Mileage

The amount of wear and tear on the transmission is a clear indicator of how much life is left in it. You can base this on the miles you have on your car's odometer. A transmission will typically last for about 100,000 miles. If your car is over this amount, it may not be the best idea to replace the part. However, low mileage means that there is a lot more life left in the transmission if it's repaired.

The Mechanic's Diagnosis

Another factor to consider is how difficult or easy it is for a mechanic to diagnose the problem. Simple issues should be quite easy to recognize, such as low transmission fluid, grinding sounds, and burning smells. Be concerned when the mechanic cannot figure out a more complicated problem, such as gar slipping, a dragging clutch, or a transmission that won't shift. The degree of the problem should help guide you toward either repair or replacement.

The Cost

You should always compare the cost of the transmission repair to how much it will be to get a new one. Repairing a leak costs as much as $200, and solenoid replacement can cost up to $850. However, completely rebuilding a transmission cost up to $3,800. At that point, a new transmission ranges between $4,000 and $8,000, which is awfully close to the cost to rebuild the part.

When in doubt, ask your mechanic for their recommendation when it comes to transmission repair or replacement.