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How Long Will Damaged Auto Glass Last?

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You have a crack or chip on your windshield. You know you ought to have it repaired but are wondering how much time you have. Here are a few facts about auto glass repair that you need to know and that will help you decide how much time you have.

Temperature Changes

When temperatures change, the glass will expand and contract. Such an expansion and contraction sequence will cause the crack to worsen.


As you drive around, your car will vibrate. This happens when you drive on bumpy roads, hit a pothole or turn on the radio. This will cause a damaged windshield to worsen. Cracks will become longer and wider.

Dust and Moisture

Dust and moisture will get into the crack. When you finally decide to repair it, the resin may not bond properly with the glass surface.

Compromised Safety

Damaged auto glass is already weakened. This means that the windshield will not offer you adequate protection in case of an accident.

It May Cost You More

Ignoring that crack or chip in the hope of saving money will not work. If you don't get it repaired immediately, you may need to replace the entire windshield/glass, and this will cost you more.

Factors to consider:

Type of damage

If you have a small chip, you may be able to drive for a long time without any added danger. However, beware of cracks. Some cracks will spread pretty fast. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Location of the Crack

If the crack is located on the driver's side, it is likely to obstruct the driver's view. You should have it repaired immediately. A spider web crack on the driver's side is extremely dangerous. Have it repaired immediately.

The law

In some states, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield. That puts you at risk of getting arrested and paying a fine. You might as well use that money to get it repaired.

So how long should you wait to repair a crack? The answer is: not a day longer. You do yourself good to repair any auto glass crack as soon as it occurs. This will save you a costly auto glass replacement and make your driving safer.

For chips, it will all depend on the location of the damage. A chip on the driver's side will still cause a distraction and should be repaired immediately.

If it's on the passenger side, you may have a little more time to fix it. Whatever the case, do not ignore any auto glass damage.