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5 Marine Accessories That All Boaters Need

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Boating is a wonderful past time that allows people to spend time out on the water with family and friends. Buying a boat is a good first step, but a boat alone is not enough for a great and safe boating experience. There are a number of marine accessories that every boat owner should plan on buying after purchasing a boat. Some of the top marine accessories boat owners need include the following items.

1. Life Jackets that Fit Properly

It doesn't matter if everyone on board knows how to swim -- it is imperative to have enough life jackets for every passenger. These life jackets need to fit properly, so if you regularly have kids on your boat, make sure you also have child-sized life jackets available. No one knows when there may be an emergency, and having life jackets that fit properly on board at all times can go a long way in ensuring the safety of all of the passengers on your boat.

2. Spare Battery

Unless your boat is solely a sailing vessel, you need to have a spare battery on board in case of emergency. The last thing that you want is to be a mile out to sea or in a private cove of a large lake and discover that you have a dead battery. When you keep a spare battery on board your boat, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are always prepared in the event that your boat's battery dies.

3. Dock Lines and an Anchor

Boats are not always on the go -- there may be times when you want to spend an extended amount of time in a specific spot. To do that, you will need an anchor. Make sure that you buy an anchor that is the appropriate size and weight for your boat. In addition, you will also need to have dock lines on hand if you plan to dock your boats at harbors or marinas.

4. VHF Radio

Even though everyone has cell phones these days, there are no guarantees that there will be cell phone coverage while out on a boat. Thus, all boats should be equipped with a VHF radio. Having a radio will allow you to communicate with people on shore if you need emergency help.

5. GPS

If you plan on boating on the ocean or a very large lake, having a GPS system can make life a lot easier. Installing a GPS system on your boat will help ensure that you can visit any place that you want without having any problems making it back to shore.