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3 Helpful Tips For Saving Money On Car Rentals

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If you've flown into a different city or state, it may be more convenient to rent your own vehicle rather than taking a cab everywhere you need to go. You can save money on these rental cars as well thanks to these insightful tips. 

Join the Right Memberships 

Today, there are so many memberships you can join that enable you to save money on car rentals and even truck rental services. Frequent-flier programs are probably the most common. If you fly on a regular basis for work, these programs will give you much-needed discounts on car rentals. You'll just have to use the rental company that they recommend in your policy agreement. 

Joining AAA is another way you can save money on these rentals. They appreciate your business so much that they'll shave off some of the price on your next car rental. Some select grocery stores also offer car rental discounts.

Choose an Economy Car 

When you use these car rental services, you have the freedom to choose what vehicle you drive. You need to be strategic with your selection, preferably going with an economy car.

These vehicles are extremely fuel-efficient and give you the chance to save hundreds on gas. You just need to make sure you book your rental quickly, as these economy vehicles tend to go fast. It's also essential to make sure the economy car can fit all of your passengers comfortably. Otherwise, even though you're saving money, every driving experience will be a nightmare. 

Avoid Name Brands 

You've probably seen a lot of popular car rental companies market their services on television and online. Although these name-brand companies are used by a lot of consumers, they will not be the cheapest. It will serve your wallet better to go with a lesser known car rental company or one that's recently hit the market. You'll then be able to save on certain fees and insurance. 

When renting from an unfamiliar company, you have to be careful. It's recommended to read through multiple reviews so you can see what type of experience you'll have. You'll also be able to identify any shortcomings a particular rental company has, whether it's overcharging or failing to meet contractual obligations. Knowing this information helps you make an informed decision.

If you're in need of a rental car and don't want to spend a fortune, you'll need to be strategic with the car, rental services, and rental company you use. Taking this calculated approach could save you hundreds and make your rental experience much better overal.