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4 Things To Ask About When Taking Your Vehicle In For Repairs

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When you need to take your vehicle in for repairs, you want to make sure that you find an auto body shop that has the right expertise to work on your vehicle at a price point that you can afford. In order to get that, you need to ask the right questions.

A.S.E. Certification

First, when you call an auto shop, ask and see if their mechanics are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. In order to become A.S.E. certified, a mechanic has to have a specific number of years of work experience under their belts, and they also have to pass a rigorous written test. It is one of the top credentials in the country that an auto mechanic can obtain.

Find out what percentage of the auto body shop's mechanics are A.S.E. certified and if they can guarantee that an A.S.E certified mechanic will take the lead on your repair.

Brand-Specific Training

Vehicles are becoming more and more specialized over time, which each car manufacture having their own way of making cars, which then requires special knowledge to fix their vehicles.

Ask about the type of brand-specific training the mechanics at that auto repair shop have. Some shops just have generally trained-mechanics, and others have mechanics training in specific brands that oversee the repairs done to vehicles of that specific brand. You want to make sure that someone with the right type of experience fixes up your vehicle.

Labor Rates

The auto body shop should have their auto labor rates posted in their main lobby so that you can clearly see their labor rates. If you can't find the labor rates, be sure to ask what they are. Also, be sure to ask what the estimated labor repair time is for the work that will be done on your vehicle. That is the number of hours that you should be charged for fixing your vehicle.

Replacement Parts

Finally, be sure to ask what type of replacement parts they plan on using on your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to be repaired as true as possible to how it was, then ask if they can use original equipment manufacturer parts on your vehicle. If you are more concerned about the overall cost of the repair, let the auto shop know that you are okay with aftermarket parts being used to repair your vehicle if they are more affordable than original equipment manufacturer parts.

When taking your vehicle in for auto repairs, be sure to ask about the training level of the mechanics that will be working on your vehicle. Make sure that you know the labor rate charge as well as the estimated time to complete the repair on your vehicle. Finally, make sure that you let the repair shop know your preference for what type of replacement parts are used to fix your vehicle. To learn more, contact an auto shop like AutoMedics