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5 Common Car Paint Issues

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If the paint on your car is not in good shape, you may want to investigate and figure out what is causing the paint damage to your vehicle. There are five common types of paint damage that you need to be aware of.

#1 Scratches

One of the most common types of paint damage that vehicles sustain is scratching. Scratches can easily happen to vehicles due to a variety of situations. Tree branches can scratch up against your vehicle and damage it. Debris can fly up off the road when you are driving and damage your vehicle. Someone opening up a nearby door could easily scratch your vehicle as well. Small scratches are one of the top types of damage that vehicles sustain.

#2 Fading

Another common type of paint issue is fading. When your vehicle starts to approach a decade old, it is not uncommon for the paint to start fading. Certain external factors, such as pollution and ultraviolet exposure, can also hasten fading.

The best way to avoid fading is by washing and waxing your vehicle on a regular basis to protect the paint. Parking in the shade is also a great idea.

#3 Peeling

You don't want your vehicle to start peeling. When your vehicle starts peeling, that means that the clear coat that protects the paint is coming off. Peeling usually happens for one of two reasons. Either your vehicle has been exposed to the sun for long periods of time or the paint job on the vehicle was not that great to being with.

When the clear coat starts to peel, the paint underneath is exposed to the environment. If your vehicle starts to peel, you are going to want to get the damaged repaired by one of your local auto services right away.

#4 Delamination

Delamination can look really similar to peeling on your vehicle, as it effects the clear coat on your vehicle. The thing with delamination is that it may start out as a small spot on your vehicle, but it will spread out quickly. Delamination needs to be taken care of quickly before it spreads to the rest of your vehicle.

#5 Rust

Finally, watch out for rust. When rust starts to affect your vehicle, the paint on your vehicle can start to bubble up. If you see bubbles under the paint on your vehicle, you are going to want to address the rust first, and then get your vehicle repainted to prevent the rust from spreading and further damaging your vehicle.

If you spot paint damage on your vehicle, you are going to want to figure out what is causing the damage and get it addressed right away.