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Windshield Cracking? Don't Make These Mistakes

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Did something crash against your windshield and cause a small crack? If so, you'll want to avoid making these mistakes.

Not Getting The Windshield Repaired Immediately

The best time to get a windshield crack repaired is when the damage is at its smallest size. Windshield damage can easily spread as you continue to drive your car, and the bigger the crack, the more likely it will be that you need a windshield replacement. You will want to set some time aside to take the car in to be serviced, or else you'll end up paying more money for the repair later on.

Causing More Damage

If you can't get your windshield repaired as soon as possible, you should take some steps to stop the crack from spreading further. These mistakes can make that happen.

Driving Off Road

Try to avoid driving off-road if possible while that windshield crack is small. It is very easy for the crack to spread due to the vibrations caused by driving on a bumpy road. Unfortunately, driving off-road may be unavoidable depending on where you live, especially if your only options are unpaved dirt roads.

It is a good idea to cover a windshield crack with a piece of tape, which will prevent dirt from off-road driving from getting into the crack. Dirt can cause that crack to become weak if it gets inside it, making it more likely for the crack to spread.

Leaving A Car Outside

Many outside weather elements can cause a crack to spread even further. The main one you'll want to avoid is moisture. It does not matter what season it is; moisture can cause serious problems. Rainwater gets into the crack and weakens it similar to dirt, and in the winter, water can freeze and expand in the crack.

The sun can also cause problems with windshield cracking. Hot temperatures cause the glass to expand, which can put pressure on that crack and cause it to expand as well. If you have a garage, you are always better off parking your car inside until you can have the windshield repaired. When parking at work or when out and about, try to find a place to park in the shade.

Taking these small steps can help prevent the crack from getting worse, and hopefully, buy you some time to have your windshield repaired by an auto glass repair professional.