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Preventive Maintenance For Auto Transmission Systems

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Auto transmission systems are notoriously expensive to repair or replace. That is why you need to do everything possible to ensure your transmission system doesn't wear fast or experience frequent breakdowns. Here are some preventive maintenance practices that can help you do this.

Service the Cooling System

Overheating is one of the most serious problems your transmission system can face. Overheating can damage the transmission solenoid, damage the transmission band, and cause the transmission to slip, among other things. The cooling system is one of the systems that prevent transmission overheating, which means your transmission system will overheat if the cooling system is malfunctioning. This means you need to service your transmission system regularly to ensure it is always running efficiently so that your transmission system doesn't suffer overheating. At the very least, the servicing should confirm that the coolant level is adequate, there is no coolant leak, and the fan is running efficiently.

Change the Transmission Filter Regularly

The transmission filter traps debris in the transmission fluid so that it doesn't contaminate and damage the transmission system. Unfortunately, the filter is susceptible to two main issues; damage and clogging. A damaged filter will let contaminated transmission fluid to flow through while a clogged filter will block everything including the crucial transmission fluid. Therefore, inspect the transmission filter regularly and replace it as per the manufacturer's schedule.

Flush the Transmission Fluid Regularly

The transmission fluid not only cools the transmission system, but it also lubricates the transmission system so that they can run efficiently. Unfortunately, the fluid has to get dirty while doing all these things, and dirty transmission fluid loses some of its effectiveness. That is why you need to flush the transmission system regularly; flushing gets rid of the stale and contaminated fluid before it is replaced with a fresh fluid.

Adjust the Clutch System Regularly

If you have a manual transmission system, then you should also have a schedule for adjusting its clutch system. The clutch pedal is susceptible to wear and tear just like other parts of the car; in fact, it experiences more wear than other parts of the car because of the daily friction it is exposed to. A worn-out transmission system will loosen and start to slip out of gear. Regular adjustment ensures that the clutch system maintains its tightness.

Don't worry if your transmission is already acting up; most transmission problems call for repairs rather than replacements. Consult your auto repair shop mechanic for a solution.