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Myths To Avoid Believing About Automatic Transmissions

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Many car owners will prefer vehicles with automatic transmissions. However, they may not be fully informed when it is a matter of the various components of their vehicle. Understanding the basics about the key components of your vehicle can allow you to quickly respond to any issues that may arise. This can be particularly true when it comes to the automatic transmission as there are many drivers that are misled by myths concerning this part of the vehicle.

Myth: It Is Safe To Change Gears While An Automatic Transmission Is In Use

There is a common misunderstanding that it is safe for a person to change gears while they are using the automatic transmission. However, this can be extremely damaging to the transmission as it is not designed t be changed while the vehicle is being driven. If you need to change gears, you will need to bring the vehicle to a stop to avoid causing severe damage to the transmission.

Myth: Transmission Fluid Needs To Be Changed As Often As Oil

While most transmissions will require the fluid to be changed, this is not a task that will need to be done very frequently. Individuals that may not have owned a vehicle before might assume that this fluid will need to be changed as frequently as the oil. However, transmission fluid is often designed to last for years before it will need to be changed. Your vehicle's owner manual will have a maintenance schedule for the various components of the vehicle. Following this schedule will make it easy to ensure the transmission has effective lubrication.

Myth: Replacing The Transmission Is The Only Option For Repairing Serious Damage To It

A transmission that has suffered extensive damage may seem like it will have to be replaced. However, a skilled and experienced mechanic may be able to rebuild a damaged transmission. This is an exhaustive process that involves repairing or replacing all of the components that has sustained any damage or excessive wear. Rebuilding a transmission is one of the most expensive repairs that you can do for it, but it will save you a considerable amount when compared to outright replacing the transmission.

Myth: Your Vehicle Will Always Alert You To Transmission Fluid Leaks

While modern vehicles will have an assortment of warning lights and other indicators that can alert the driver to a problem, it should be noted that there is usually not a warning light for low transmission fluid. If the vehicle does monitor for low transmission fluid levels, this warning indicator will often be grouped under the general check engine warning. One way to help spot a leaking transmission is to look for fluid spots under the vehicle after it has been parked. Transmission fluid will often be colored pink, which can make it fairly easy to spot on pavement.

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