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Signs That Your Transmission Is Having Trouble

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The transmission in your car is basically an automatic gear shifter that keeps your car running smoothly. It is generally under warranty for 100,000 miles, and with good maintenance, it can last even longer. There are signs that indicate your transmission isn't working as well as it should. If the transmission light goes on or you see a fluid leak in your driveway, it's important to get these problems checked out to keep your transmission from failing. Without transmission fluid, your transmission can end up breaking down to the point of needing to be replaced. If your car is struggling to get into gear and driving differently than normal, it's time to visit your auto repair shop.

Tough Gear Shifting

When the transmission is struggling, you may have a hard time switching gears with your car. In an automatic car, this is most obvious when you try to put your car into reverse or drive. If it's hard to get your car into gear, this could be the transmission sticking.

When Delayed Engagement Occurs

Delayed engagement means that your vehicle doesn't go into gear right away. This can be subtle, and your car begins driving less than a second after you go into drive, or it can be more obvious and your car might wait a few seconds to start moving forward. Delayed engagement is a sign of transmission trouble and needs to be addressed immediately.

Transmission Slipping and Your Vehicle

You may be driving down the road and it suddenly feels like your car slips into the wrong gear. You may hear a revving noise if the gear is too low for the speed you are at. A transmission slip can make your car difficult to drive or make it feel like you can't get enough acceleration. While other problems can cause issues with acceleration, the transmission is often the first suspect. It can feel like your car doesn't have enough power, and you just can't get your car up to speed. Problems with your exhaust system can also cause difficulty accelerating, and this will be checked in addition to your transmission.

Whenever you have a Check Engine light go on or your car is not running like normal, it's time to get your car checked out. Small problems can be taken care of right away to avoid bigger problems. In the event you need a new transmission, talk to your auto repair specialist about what this entails.