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Why Commercial Truck Repair Generally Takes Longer To Complete Than Passenger Truck Repair

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If you have a commercial truck that you had towed to a commercial truck repair shop, you might be wondering why it is taking so long to fix it. It is a very different sort of repair experience than that of a passenger truck repair. Here is why your commercial truck may be taking longer to fix than your passenger truck. 

Hoisting a Commercial Truck in the Air Is No Simple Task

These specialty truck repair shops have to lift a truck up with some major hydraulic power just to to get them up high enough to work under them. Making the trucks secure enough to keep them in place and lifted is another issue in and of itself. Mechanics have to work quickly with any work required for underneath your truck. That way the rest of the work that needs doing can be done with the truck on the ground where it cannot pose a danger to the mechanics working on it. 

Massive Engines Need Mechanics to Take Them Apart and Crawl Inside

When the problem is deep inside the engine block of a commercial truck, the mechanic has to take the whole engine apart and crawl inside the hood block. An auto engine crane has to be used to lift the engine out of the truck when the problem is all the way down at the bottom of the engine block where it cannot be reached from the top and not accessed from the bottom when the truck is lifted into the air. Taking such a massive engine apart and putting it back together takes a very long time to complete.

If the parts that the mechanic needs to fix the engine and then properly reassemble it in its totality before hoisting it back into the truck, then the mechanic has to wait for those parts to show up. It takes anywhere from a full business week to a month to get parts, fix the engine, reassemble the engine, and put everything back into the truck. If it has only been two weeks or less, your mechanic is probably still working on the problem. 

There Are Probably a Few Trucks Being Repaired Ahead of Yours

These specialty mechanics more than likely had a few trucks in their shop ahead of yours. They need to complete the work on the trucks that where there before yours arrived. Depending on how many trucks were at this particular shop before yours arrived, it may be awhile or it may be a lot longer than you expected to fix your truck. For more information, get in touch with companies like C L Enterprises.