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Brake Pad Wear And When To Get Your Brakes Repaired

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There's a wide range to consider when you are looking at brake pads. You may need new brake pads on your vehicle as quickly as at around 25,000 miles, but they might last as long as 60,000 or more. How long your brake pads last depends on how often they are used and how abruptly you hit your brakes on a consistent basis. When you spend long miles on the highway and don't brake often, you can expect your brakes to last on the higher end of the mileage spectrum. When most of your miles are within town and you have frequent stops, your brakes are going to wear out much faster. Know the signs of brake failure, and get help from your brake repair services when needed.

Your Driving Habits and Your Brakes

Brakes wear down faster when they are used more often. If you speed up and stop quickly all the time, you are going to wear down your brake pads. When you drive at a more casual pace and give yourself plenty of time to slow down, this is going to help save your brake pads. Using cruise control when you are in the highway can optimize your speed, which will also help your brake pads last longer. Hard, frequent braking is going to cause your brake pads to wear out faster.

Signs of Brake Problems

If the brake warning light goes on, this means there is something wrong with the pressure in your brake system or you have lost fluid. You should not drive your car if the brake warning light goes on. You may also hear a squealing noise when you press down on your brakes, or have your car pull to one side when the brake pedal is pressed. If you start to hear a grinding noise, this is brake shoe hitting the rotors or drums. This means your brake pads are worn out, and are no longer able to stop your car. You might also notice a fluid leak below your car, or see that your brake pedal goes much further than normal.

When you experience problems with your brakes, get the help you need to keep your car safe to drive. Have your brakes inspected, and get all necessary repairs done. If you need brake pads or other brake repair services, your technician will repair your brakes and get your car ready for the road.