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Tips For Fixing Auto Body Stone Chips

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Have you noticed a lot of stone chips on the body of your car, and you want to repair them on your own? If so, it helps to know the following tips to help you do it.

Get The Right Color Paint

The first thing you'll need to do is find touch-up paint that matches the color of your car. Where do you find the exact color of paint that is needed for your vehicle? You may be surprised to find it in the door jam of your driver's side door. You can use the color information to order the exact color of touch-up paint that you need.

Wash Your Car

It's always a good idea to wash your car before you attempt to repair those stone chips. However, it helps to pay close attention to cleaning the areas with chipped paint. Consider thoroughly cleaning the area with a cotton swab so that you know that all dirt and grease has been removed from the cracks. 

Sand The Car

Now you need to wet sand the area of the car's body to remove parts of the paint that have been raised up from the impact of the stone. But you don't want to sand the area that surrounds the paint chip at all since it will just create a bigger area for you to repair.

Apply The Paint

You'll want to use a small artist paintbrush to get the paint color into the paint chip. Make sure to be patient and take your time when painting the area since you really want to use as little paint as possible to cover up the stone chip. Let the paint dry before applying a second or third coat of paint until it starts to blend in well with the surrounding paint. 

Apply A Clear Coat

You can finish the job by applying a protective clear coat layer on top of the paint. This will help it blend in with the surrounding parts of the car and help it shine. You'll notice that the clear coat lacquer is really thin and will dry quickly on your car.

These tips are going to help repair some basic stone chips on your vehicle's body. If you have a lot of stone chips or ones that have heavily rusted due to neglect, you may be better off taking your vehicle in to be professionally repaired. Reach out to a stone chip repair service to learn more.