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3 Reasons To Take Your Vehicle To The Dealership For Repairs

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It's inevitable that every vehicle will need to be repaired at some point. Finding the right mechanic is essential when it comes to the affordability and quality of any repairs made to your vehicle.

Many dealerships are able to not only sell you a vehicle but to service and repair that vehicle over time. Opting to take your car or truck to the dealership when it's in need of repairs can offer you a wide range of benefits that may not be available through an independent mechanic shop.

1. Maintain Your Warranty

Most buyers look for vehicles that come with a warranty. Whether it's a manufacturer warranty or a warranty offered through the dealership, having this type of coverage can keep the cost of repairs and maintenance low during the warranty period.

It's common for dealerships and manufacturers to require that all repairs be made at a certified service center in order for a vehicle's warranty to remain intact. By taking your car or truck to the dealership for repairs, you will be able to preserve your warranty and enjoy significant financial discounts on any future repairs.

2. Receive OEM Replacement Parts

If a part needs to be replaced in order to repair your vehicle, you have a couple of options. You can choose parts manufactured by the original manufacturer (OEM parts) or parts created by a third-party manufacturer.

OEM parts are often thought of as being more expensive. If you choose to have your vehicle repaired at a dealership, you will be surprised to find how affordable OEM parts can be. Dealerships maintain a direct supply chain with a vehicle manufacturer. This allows them to keep a wide range of parts in stock. Manufacturers often provide parts to dealerships at a discounted rate, and this savings is passed on to you throughout the repair process.

3. Work With Certified Mechanics

While all mechanics must be trained in vehicle repair, the mechanics who work at a dealership must be certified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Manufacturers routinely invest in training for the mechanics who work at dealerships so that they will be familiar with the most current technology and systems being incorporated into the vehicles rolling off the production line. A mechanic that has been trained by the engineers who designed a vehicle is better equipped to identify and repair strange or uncommon issues that you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

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