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What Car Insurance Do You Need For Windshield Repair?

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Is your windshield cracked or chipped, but you don't have the finances to repair or replace it? Your car insurance may pay for the repair or replacement costs.

In most cases, car insurance does include windshield damage. However, the extent and cause of the damage will determine the insurance cover needed. Since you wouldn't want to drive around with a broken or cracked windshield, here are three types of auto cover you may turn to for help.

Full Glass Cover

With a full glass cover, the insurer will compensate you for damage to your car's windows, windshield, and other types of glass. The policy also pays for windshield repair or replacement costs on the glass.

When you have full glass damage cover on your car insurance, you can get your car's windshield or window fixed without paying any deductible. Though the policy might cost a bit more, it can save you cash if you have a high deductible.

As you decide whether to buy a full glass cover, learn more about its costs. Find out from the insurer the total costs needed to add this cover to your existing policy. 

Collision Insurance

A collision insurance cover pays for repairs and losses on a vehicle brought about by a crash. If your windshield developed cracks or chips after you drove into a static object or hit another vehicle from the back, you can count on this insurance policy. 

You'll get compensation for the windshield damage without the deductible for this particular cover. However, the cover has a specified limit, which is the actual cash value of your car without factoring in depreciation.

When buying a collision cover, you will choose the deductible amount. This amount varies by the insurer's guidelines and state. The deductible amount will be equal to the amount of cash spent on out-of-pocket repairs at the time of filing a collision claim. Expect your insurer to pay the difference. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Your insurer will compensate you for damage to your car caused by vandalism, theft, natural disasters, or animals if you have comprehensive insurance. Unlike a collision cover, this insurance protects your car from unexpected damage.

Glass damage, including windshield damage, is covered under a typical comprehensive insurance cover. In other words, the auto insurance company will pay for the windshield repair or replacement costs.

However, a comprehensive cover comes with a limit, which dictates the maximum amount it will pay on a covered claim. Insurers usually base the limit on your vehicle's actual cash value. 

For more information, contact a windshield repair service near you.