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Adhesive Protection After A Windshield Installation Or Repair Process

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The adhesive product that is used to install or patch a windshield will need adequate time to dry. Use the steps below to preserve the condition of your windshield after it has been professionally serviced.

Adhesive Products

Urethane is a product that is used to install new windshields. This product is applied around the edges of a windshield. Epoxy resin is a polymer that is used to fill in small chips and cracks in glass. Either type of adhesive will require adequate drying time.

When a windshield repair is made, a technician will administer an adhesive and ensure that it bonds properly. The repair process will conclude before an adhesive has time to cure properly. For this reason, a technician may advise you on the amount of drying time that will be essential for the type of windshield replacement or repair that was conducted. 

Protection Guidelines

An auto technician will take great care to ensure that an adhesive product doesn't drip while they are replacing or repairing a windshield. Even though adhesive may be applied evenly to the glass, you should refrain from placing anything over the windshield that could impede the adhesive's ability to dry.

Soon after the windshield is installed or repaired, the auto technician who serviced your car will let you know which types of precautions to take while you are waiting for the adhesive to set. The drying time will be dependent upon the type of adhesive that was used during the service appointment.

The technician may advise you to keep your car parked in your garage or in an unobstructed area outdoors. As long as plenty of ventilation is supplied, the adhesive will dry properly. If you were to cover your vehicle with a tarp or place anything directly on the glass, there would be the possibility of impeding the adhesive's ability to dry.

Windshield Care Strategies

After your windshield is replaced or repaired you may be concerned about it becoming damaged again. Proper care should involve cleaning the windshield regularly and parking your car in a garage or underneath a carport. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and tools when treating the glass.

Do not ever place anything heavy against the windshield, since this could cause stress fractures to form. These simple care steps, as well as being mindful of the manner in which you drive, will preserve the condition of the windshield and prevent the need for additional automotive service appointments. 

For more information about windshield repair, contact a local company.